Logistics & Supply
Chain Solutions by OLSI

As the industry continues to evolve over time, it has become more dynamic and companies began needing an end-to-end solution that tackles every aspect of logistics and supply chain such as inventory management, transportation and distribution.

OneLinQ Solutions Inc. offers a range of services that you can choose from. Let us help you identify your needs and tailor a solution that will provide you the best results.

We Offer Solutions

We offer one-stop supply chain solution that highly takes flow and speed into account and applies new methodologies and technologies that nip potential problems in the bud. We are a provider that does not only consider a few particular phases of your supply chain but looks into the entire picture to avoid lost revenues and downtime.


It is guaranteed that your products are transported on time and in good condition. All the logistics, legalities and requirements are worked on to eliminate the burden for you.


Our company will manage all required government and relevant documentation within an efficient time frame, from point of origin to destination.


Effective management of the movement of your goods with a wide array of transport solutions that would ensure on time delivery to your customers.


Resource management tasks, including warehousing, inventory, distribution, and designing and planning supply chains, are done to help boost your profitability.


Benefit from OLSI's expertise and experience on supply chain management to attain optimum performance with effective strategies and business solutions.

Commitment to
QUALITY and Customer

We are fully committed to provide clients with efficient, effective, and cost-friendly logistics solutions.

We follow our tested methodologies in delivering what we promised within our agreed-upon time frame.

Why choose OneLinq

Who We Are

We provide a one-stop supply chain solution to food, pharmaceutical, manufacturing, and consumer product companies to ensure that all their operation run smoothly.

In a bid to address all your needs and problems that may affect vital aspects of your business ranging from transportation and distribution to inventory management, OLSI started a crusade.


One Linq Solutions Inc. is a company that:

Takes pride in providing high quality of service to its customers.

It is committed in achieving its promise to provide a professional approach in managing its operation to attain optimum results.

Bridges the gap in ensuring that goods are delivered from point A to point B.

Takes care of its employees and maintain a happy and conducive environment to work with as it believes that the secret to success comes from a highly motivated workforce.


To be the benchmark in providing excellent service in achieving optimal supply chain solution.


We encourage everyone’s full engagement and involvement. We go for passion, determination, and drive to provide only the best results.